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Why should you pursue Dual degree programs (Online and Regular) in 2024?

Nov 03,2023

Unlock the Benefits of Dual Degree Programs - Online and Regular - in 2024. Elevate Your Education and Future Prospects with This Unique Opportunity.

Dual Degree: Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, and Types of Dual Degree Programs

In this fast-growing world, having an added advantage on the basis of education is vital for survival in this competitive environment. The theory of integrated online and regular or dual degree programs is one of the best methods for standing out from the crowd and making one’s recognition in the industry. Though you get flexibility and the option to complete both courses simultaneously, you need to focus on how to manage your time. In this article, you will get to learn more about the dual degree program, and the advantages and disadvantages of the program. 


What do you mean by Dual Degree? 

Receiving two different degrees while studying in two different fields is a dual degree. For getting two degrees at the same time a student who is pursuing dual degrees must do so in two different areas or fields of study. Dual degrees are possible in the two separate fields of study at the same level.


You will have two different degrees, that is, a BA in Psychology and a BBA together if you enroll in a dual degree program in psychology and business administration.


Universities usually offer dual degree programs that combine UG and PG courses. For instance, BTech + MBA, BA LLB, BBA MBA Integrated program, etc. The university that offers the course combination is the main factor. The dual degree programs offered by some applicants meet the prerequisites for each program.


Students may choose dual degree courses at once, as per the University Grants Commission's (UGC) most recent norms. This UGC policy is applicable for those who want to study both a regular and an online degree program at the same time because it is not possible to give one's whole time to two different regular courses. There are no restrictions on earning dual degrees from the same or a different university, though. Students can also combine diploma and certification courses in the way already mentioned to increase their job prospects, besides dual degrees.


What are the skill requirements for dual degree courses after the 12th?

Students with dual grades have a foundation from which to build a career across various industries. However, enrolling in these courses has some prerequisites. Review the following:


  • According to the eligibility requirements, students must have an intermediate level of education to enroll. Students' prior academic interests must be pertinent; this is ideal. At a minimum, each candidate should have received average marks across all disciplines.

  • Candidates should possess certain skill sets that are essential for use in the field of applied learning and employment. First, each candidate's personality is assessed throughout the interview based on how well they communicate.

  • The analytical prowess and critical thinking capacity of these applicants can be evaluated. They must possess skills in leadership, management, teamwork, and time management.

  • Regardless of the course a user chooses, they will pursue a challenging educational route and gain knowledge in a range of disciplines and environments.


Benefits of Studying Dual Degree Programs after 12th


  • Candidates with a 12th-grade diploma can enroll in one program for both undergraduate and graduate courses.

  • Both time and energy are saved as a result.

  • There is only one admissions process for students to go through, which also saves them a lot of stress. 

  • For students who are certain of their end objective and want to develop a variety of talents, it is the best option.

  • Students experiment with numerous pairings and have a variety of options to select from.


List of Dual Degree Programs in India 

Students who want to apply for the DUAL Degree courses after the 12th in India. They have numerous options to apply for, such as BTech + MBA, BA+LLB, BCom + BBE, BTech + MS, and more. So, those who are interested can check out the best dual degree courses in 2023. 

  • Bachelors of Commerce (BCom) + BBA

  • BTech + LLB

  • BA + LLB

  • (BEd) + MEd

  • BTech (Bachelor of Technology) + MS

  • Bachelor of Education

  • BCom + BBE

  • BE + ME

Eligibility Criteria For Dual Degree Courses After 12th

  • The minimum eligibility for dual degree courses admission is to have passed the 12th board examination from a recognized board for admission in the dual degree course.

  • These courses usually require 45% marks from students.

  • Direct admission to the dual degree program is available at IMTS Institute.

  • The admission process will be solely based on merit scored by the students in the last examination.

Dual Degree vs. Integrated Courses

Both the dual and integrated programs vary from each other. The reasons are mentioned below:

  • Since the student studies for both programs concurrently, taking dual degree courses takes less time. To study the subjects of another course in the Integrated course, students must pass all of the exams.

  • While a student can pursue dual degrees in two disciplines that are unrelated to one another, an integrated course relates both undergraduates and graduates to the same subject.


The UGC's effort to let students enroll in two-degree programs concurrently has promoted educational innovation. A dual degree program enables those seeking a reputable position in this cutthroat market to easily carve out a niche for themselves by providing technical training in two distinct subjects. Dual-degree (online & traditional) students are now more disciplined, creative, and focused working professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. Is a dual degree valid in India? 

Yes, the dual degree is valid in India. Many colleges and universities provide dual degrees in varied fields like science, commerce, and arts. This degree is approved and accredited by UGG and can be pursued after completion of the 12th grade. 

Q. Which degree is considered best after the 12th?

The best dual degree course after the 12th is BA-BTech, BBA-LLB, BA-LLB, and BCom-BBA & more are offered in India.

Q. Can I pursue two regular degrees in the dual degree program?

A candidate can pursue only one regular degree at one time. Hence, in the dual degree program, one can choose one regular and one online program or ODL format of courses.

Q. Is there any fee relaxation offered to the students enrolled in the dual degree (online and regular) program? 

Students pursuing online and regular programs need to deposit the fees separately for their respective courses at the universities with which they have enrolled in their specified degree programs. 

Q. Is there any additional requirement to enroll in the dual degree (online and regular) program?

Candidates can apply for an online and regular program after fulfilling their specific eligibility criteria. No special factors are taken into account to become eligible for a combined (online and regular) program. 

Q. Am I eligible to enroll in a regular UG and online PG in the dual degree? 

No, for enrolling in a PG program, you need to complete your undergraduate program first. Hence, you can only enroll in either two different UG courses or two different PG courses in the combined program. However, you are eligible to enroll for the PG degree in any format of learning, in case of final year of graduation. 

Q. Can M.Sc IT and MBA data science be taken up in the dual degree (Online and regular) program? 

An M.Sc and MBA can be taken up in the combined program in any specialization based on the interest and qualification of applicants. 

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