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Online BCA in Multimedia and Animation

In three years, graduates of the online and distance-learning B.C.A. in Multimedia and Animation curriculum become successful animation professionals. With the use of cutting-edge instructional materials, B.C.A. students in the Multimedia and Animation program will gain cutting-edge abilities. The program prepares students for careers in the computer applications and IT sector and aids in the growth of a student's networking, programming, and application abilities as well as their knowledge of current information technology methods. Students doing the BCA Program will be properly prepared for the IT industry.

The objective is for students to create a comprehensive set of design solutions that take into account cultural, economic, and social elements in the context of present societal challenges and trends in multimedia design.

Six semesters make up the online BCA program in multimedia and animation, with each semester focusing on a different area of multimedia and animation. Every year, millions of students enroll in this discipline since animation and multimedia are growing more vital to many businesses.

This program is available in both normal classroom settings and online learning environments. Due to its increasing relevance, virtual education has grown in popularity among students and working professionals. It equips students with the fundamental to in-depth information necessary to prepare them for a range of careers, including those of Animation Supervisor, Character Animator, Content Developer, Freelancer, Graphic Designer, and Modeler.

Students in the multimedia and animation bachelor's degree will get technical instruction in the most recent industry-relevant programs. Students will get the chance to experiment and explore contemporary trends in multimedia design and social challenges in order to create a comprehensive set of design solutions that take into account social, cultural, and economic factors.

We combine the fundamentals of computer applications with the study of multimedia in our BCA in Multimedia and Animation specialty. Receive instruction in a variety of disciplines, including multimedia programming, 2- and 3-D animation, VFX production, and graphic design. You will also gain experience with tools like Photoshop, Coral Draw, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, PageMaker, and Premiere Pro, among others.

Key Highlights of Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation

  • Learn about the most recent and cutting-edge research in 2D and 3D animation methods, visual communication fields, and more.
  • The curriculum aids students in gaining technical proficiency in fields including cloud computing, data visualization, and computer programming.
  • Get in-depth information on various animation processes, VFX, digital image processing methods, and other technologies used in the production of digital films, etc.
  • The most sought-after degree among students is an Online and Distance BCA earned through a combined distance education program. The majority of students continue with this program even after receiving their diplomas in other fields.
  • The Online and Distance BCA program provides the necessary computer and technological expertise through online and distant learning.
  • Arouse interest in computer software, animation methods, visual effects, website design, and other topics.

Why you should choose Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation

Choosing an Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation is a great choice in current time. Multimedia and Animation has a great scope in various fields, ranging from IT to Film Industry, Just name it! The program includes designations such as illustrators, graphic designers, editor (audio and video both), etc. You'll conclude this program ready with the creative and practical media management talents that will make you valuable to a wide range of businesses, including the film and television business, the gaming industry, the advertising and marketing world, the computer sector, and many more. Following below are the advantages of pursuing Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animations:

  • The First and the foremost advantage of pursuing Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation is the flexibility and convenience of the program as it allows you to learn it on-the-go from anywhere and anytime around the globe.
  • The industry based designed Multimedia and Animation program is the necessity for any industry. It’s like one of the core part of any sector as it helps in building your brand imagining into the customer’s minds. So, it’s an evergreen and one of the most needed field today.
  • Multimedia and Animation is the ocean of job opportunities as it is not confined to any particular sector or position. One of the advantage of pursuing this program is the benefits of getting Freelance job opportunities is infinite from both private and government sectors.
  • Salary Package after pursuing Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animations is considered to be high as it depends on the work you have already done which reflects your creative work and mind. The more you are creative, the more you earn.


Program Name

Bachelor of Computer Application in Multimedia and Animations

BCA Multimedia and Animations Program level



3 Years


Online and Distance

BCA Distance Admission Process


BCA Eligibility

Candidate must have passed 10+2 from a recognized board

Average Salary Offered

INR 3- 10 LPA


INR 20,000- INR 50,000 per Annum

Career Options

Video Editor, Graphics Designer, Illustrator, photo Editor, Marketing, etc.

Eligibility required for Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animations

Although the cost of the program varies depending on the university, the typical program price for an online and distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation at a public or private university is between INR 2, 00,000 and INR 3, 00,000. A minimum of 50% in upper secondary education (12th grade) or an equivalent qualification (diploma) is needed to enroll in a BCA program. There is a rising need for qualified BCA graduates since the IT sector is expanding rapidly. Great employment opportunities are available for BCA graduates in both the public and private sectors.

  • Applicants must have finished their 10+2 from a recognized board in any discipline in order to be accepted for a Bachelor of Computer Applications in Multimedia and Animation program (most preferably commerce).
  • Individuals must pass their 10+2 board examinations with an overall score of at least 55% in order to be selected for the program.
  • Students are admitted on the basis of merit rather than admission exams, and academic selection is not dependent on entrance exams.

Career Scope of Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation

You will get practical media management skills after finishing the program, which will open the door to a variety of professional options in industries including the entertainment business, video game companies, advertising agencies, computer companies, etc. The delivery of material and entertainment to the public through a variety of media is the focus of the wide and rapidly developing field of multimedia.

An occupation in the fine arts, marketing, or entertainment is possible with a degree in the field. This curriculum is available to students who are interested in studying about many forms of media entertainment, such as television, cinema studies, video production, interactive media, and computer animation.

  • Animation Supervisor
  • Character Animator
  • Content Developer
  • FreeLancer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Photo Editor
  • Gaming Industry

Average Package of Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation

A multitude of factors, including experience obtained via internships, projects, training, and other activities, affect BCA salary in India. Jobs are available in a variety of corporate and public organizations in India depending on the candidate's experience and qualifications, the pay grade differs for both industries. The Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation degree provides a variety of concentrations in several computer science and application-related topics. Many variables, including university placements, internship experience, CGPA, and schooling, have an impact on the remuneration of Online and Distance BCAs in India. In India, a bachelor's degree in computer applications typically pays between INR 2 to 10 LPA.


Online and Distance education has become a popular choice of learning for students all over the world as a result of digital and technical improvements. An Online and distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation degree is actually just as respected nowadays as a degree earned through traditional program.

Enrolling in Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation Program enables hopefuls to get crucial knowledge regarding crucial facets of the computer application sector in the most flexible, cost-effective, and comfortable way possible. Students have a variety of specialization options to pick from in order to have a successful career, depending on their interests, abilities, and future goals.

Online and Distance BCA in Multimedia and Animation graduates now have a wide range of employment options because to India's booming IT sector over the past two decades. Students may anticipate having access to a range of educational, professional, and personal development opportunities