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Online MCA Course in Data Analytics

MA Course in Data Analytics is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of data analytics, including techniques, tools and strategies for data analysis. With this course, students will get an in-depth look into the techniques used to extract information from data sets, identify patterns and trends and develop predictive models. The course also helps students learn how to integrate disparate data sources into business intelligence solutions. By completing this course, students will gain an insight into how organisations use data analytics to gain competitive advantages and make decisions that drive their success.

Key Highlights about Online MCA Course in Data Analytics

The Online MCA Course in Data Analytics offers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of data analytics. This course provides an understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles behind data analysis, giving you the skills and confidence to use them for real-world applications. Key highlights about this course include:

• A comprehensive curriculum that covers topics such as machine learning, big data management, predictive analytics, and more

• Hands-on experience with tools such as Python, SQL, Tableau, and R

• A wide range of learning resources including videos, tutorials, and case studies

• Opportunities to participate in online forums and discussion boards with other students

• Networking opportunities with experts in the field of data analytics

• Flexible schedule with options for full-time or part-time study

Objectives of an Online MCA Course in Data Analytics

MCA course in Data Analytics is an advanced program designed to provide students with the necessary skills to become successful data analysts. The objectives of the course include:

• Developing the ability to analyse and interpret large datasets with the help of statistical models

• Acquiring a comprehensive understanding of data analysis techniques, such as experimental design, regression analysis, machine learning algorithms, and visualisation tools

• Building proficiency in programming languages required for data processing and analysis

• Learning how to implement effective decision-making processes through predictive analytics

• Developing an understanding of ethical considerations related to data privacy and security.

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MCA in Data Analytics

Level of Course

Post Graduate

Admission Process

Entrance and Merit Based


2 Years



Course Fees

INR 2 Lakhs to INR 3.5 Lakhs


must have passed any one of the mentioned courses or Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering with Mathematics at 10+2 level or at graduation level

Job Scopes

  • Data Scientists
  • Analytics product manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • Web Developer
  • IT Architect,Etc.

Average Salary

INR 5.50 LPA

Eligibility for Online MCA Course in Data Analytics

Online MCA Course in Data Analytics is one of the most sought-after courses for those who wish to pursue a career in data analytics. It offers students an opportunity to learn and hone the skills required to be successful in the field. For those who are interested in taking up this course, they should meet certain eligibility criteria. 

The eligibility criteria include having at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field and having a basic knowledge of mathematics and programming languages. Additionally, applicants must have strong problem-solving skills, good communication skills, and an aptitude for data analysis.

By meeting these requirements, students can gain access to this rewarding course that will provide them with the qualifications necessary to excel in the world of data analytics.

Top hiring companies after Online MCA Course in Data Analytics

Online MCA courses in Data Analytics can provide you with the necessary skills to be a successful data analyst. With the right qualifications and experience, you can easily land a placement opportunity in the field of data analysis. With an online MCA course in Data Analytics, you will also get to learn how to use various tools in order to analyse and present data effectively. This will help you gain an edge over other applicants during interviews and make your CV stand out from the rest. Furthermore, with the right education and training, you can also be placed in prestigious organisations that require highly skilled professionals for their data analytics department.

Some of the top recruitment companies that can hire you after the completion of this course are:

  • Airtel
  • Oracle
  • Amazon
  • Crayon Data
  • Paytm, etc.

Career Scopes of Online MCA Course in Data Analytics

An online MCA course in data analytics provides a great opportunity to develop the skills required to become a successful data analyst. With the knowledge gained from such a course, you will be able to use advanced analytics tools and techniques to interpret large sets of data and provide meaningful insights.

You can choose from the given job options as your career:

  • Data Scientists
  • Analytics product manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • Web Developer
  • IT Architect, Etc.


The Online MCA Course in Data Analytics is a rapidly growing field and holds a lucrative salary for professionals in the industry. With an average salary of INR 5.50 LPA, this course can be the ideal choice for those looking to boost their career prospects. The course provides an understanding of how to analyse and interpret data with techniques such as statistical analysis and machine learning. It also teaches students how to use software packages like Excel, SAS,etc. to build models that can help make data-driven decisions. As a result, those with an Online MCA Course in Data Analytics have great potential for success when it comes to job opportunities and salaries in the industry.


The Online MCA Course in Data Analytics is becoming increasingly popular among students who are interested in the field of data science. The course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to analyse large datasets, gain insights, and develop strategies for effective data-driven decisions.

This course also gives a thorough understanding of essential computer science methods and programming languages such as Python and R, as well as deep learning frameworks. With its comprehensive coverage of data analytics topics, the Online MCA Course in Data Analytics provides a solid foundation for those who want to pursue careers in this exciting new field