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Online BCA in Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Online and Distance BCA in Big Data Analytics and Data Science has applications in a variety of fields, including solving complicated corporate problems, improving hospital and medical Centre efficiency, and simulating athletic obstacles. Optimization, computer simulation, decision analysis, statistics, predictive modeling, data mining and visualization, applied probabilistic modeling, artificial intelligence, and applications of these tools in finance, marketing, supply chain, information systems, and economics are some of the topics covered in the coursework.

With an Online and Distance BCA in Data Science and Big Data Analytics, students might have exposure to and in-depth understanding of data analytics that is ready for the workplace, encompassing the marine domain and includes data warehousing, modeling, mining, analytics, visualization, and reporting. This course would provide students the ability to work with data in all its forms, including big data, and would also hone their product design abilities, including software.

The curriculum seeks to teach a combined study of business with data analytics and quantitative systems to qualified applicants. A series of analytical modules are added to the curriculum as additional supplements, providing students with a broad variety of skills in statistics and data analysis.

Key executives regularly use the findings of information inquiry to counsel strategic judgements in modern business. In order to appreciate the consequences and constraints of the findings that are provided to them, the curriculum has been developed to provide prospective managers and business owners with a critical awareness of statistical concepts.

Companies may learn more about data science and data visualization by utilizing the area of data science and big data analytics. An online BCA in Data Science and Big Big Data Analytics may be the best degree to launch your data science career given the field's fast expansion. Students are taught the principles of computer applications, data science, and analytics during this three-year undergraduate program.

Key Highlights of Online and Distance BCA in Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Our BCA in Big Data Analytics concentration gives you excellent analytical and data science abilities, enabling you to see how data science can be used to its fullest potential to maximize company value. It incorporates components like as optimization, decision analysis, data mining and visualization, artificial intelligence, and many more to help you solve any problem that may emerge.

In Demand

Online and distance BCA in Data Science and Big Data Analytics is a globally recognized program and looking at the current scenarios, it is the most sought online and distance program right now and will continue to grow in the near future.

Excess Job Opportunities

Currently, very few people are there to conquer in the world of Data Science and be a right skillful Data Scientist. Therefore, Data Science has many positions open and still need peoples in the sector, which in turn making it the most eligible job for the candidates. Globally, there are 2.7 million employment openings in data science and analytics this year.

High Salary

The field of data science is among the highest paying. Data scientists make, on average, 10 LPA a year, according to Glassdoor. Because of this, a job in data science may be quite rewarding.

Business advantages

Data science assists businesses in determining when and how their items sell best, ensuring that things are always supplied at the appropriate location and moment.

Data Science in Health Care

Data science has significantly enhanced the healthcare sector. Machine learning has made it simpler to find malignancies in their early stages.

Data Science improves Machine Learning

Machine learning is used in data science, which has allowed businesses to improve their goods and make them more suited to the needs of their customers.

Why you should choose us: Vidya Planet

Vidya Planet Pvt. Ltd. has dedicated its mission in providing online mode of education so that it could be given to everyone. We think that knowledge is not limited to written sources or formal education. This might include anything that shows up when you need it. The best aspect of the Online and Distance BCA program is the opportunity to apply the knowledge you acquire to advance your career.

The Online and Distance BCA in Data Science and Data Analytics program can give students access to jobs in the IT sector and the chance to make a very good living. After earning an Online and Distance BCA degree, the student can advance their career in India's rapidly expanding IT sector by pursuing an MCA degree.



Online and Distance BCA In Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Level of Course


Admission Process

12th pass from recognized board                                                                          


3 Years



Course Fees

INR 20,000- 40,000 / Year; Examination Fees Excluded


12th pass with minimum 50% from a recognized board with Mathematics as a compulsory subject.

Job Positions

Data Scientist, Database Administrator, Data Analyst, Clinical Database Programmer, Database Architect, etc.

Average Salary

INR 5- 10 LPA

Top Hiring Companies

  • HCL
  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • Meta
  • Google
  • Larsen and Toubro

Eligibility required for Online and Distance BCA in Data Science and Big Data Analytics

A three-year undergraduate degree program in Online and Distance BCA Data Science focuses on teaching and preparing students for careers in the fields of data science and different computer and software applications.

  • Students must have earned at least 50% on their qualifying exams in their 10+2 degree, or they must have finished their studies in a science stream with mathematics as a required subject. In 10+2, one may select computer as an elective subject.
  • The prospective candidate must not have any outstanding work from their prior educational level.

Career Scope in Online and Distance BCA Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Graduates in Online and Distance BCA in Data Science and Data Analytics sector have loads of opportunity, and the program provides a variety of positions with competitive salaries. The need for graduates in this profession has been growing steadily over the last few years. The fields of business intelligence, statistics, sociology, communication, and computer science all converge in data analytics.

These individuals must be masters of numbers, excellent communicators, and capable abstract thinkers. These assessments must collaborate closely with the project manager and aid in designing the project.

Top Hiring Recruiters

Graduates of the online and distance BCA in journalism and mass communication can find employment both domestically and abroad. Graduates working for the associate top corporations in India typically receive transfers abroad. In order to increase their prospects of finding employment abroad, students have traditionally sought to further their studies or perform part-time jobs to hone their skills. The availability of jobs abroad is increasing as skill and experience levels improve steadily. Graduates with a Online and Distance BCA have a wide range of career options available to them right away. When it comes to the variety of jobs graduates may choose from, the Online and Distance BCA in Data Science and Big Data Analytics is one of the most sought-after degrees.


Everything in this world has advantages and disadvantages, but we shouldn't ignore the fact that using some tools makes our jobs simpler by allowing us to extract information more quickly and at a lower cost, as well as by speeding up product creation. Data science makes judgements using the data (Big Data) in a very efficient manner that may add to the profit of any organization. As a result of the number of data science positions and the generous pay scale, it is one of the most widely sought-after careers