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Online BBA in Business Analytics

Analyzing data and graphs to determine what a firm has to do to enhance its existing situation is the practice of a distance and online BBA in business analytics. By building mathematical models from data, aspirants may produce valuable insights for influencing choices and identifying the best lines of action for a business or organization. Distance and online BBA in Business Analytics is the program that is totally data- driven based, which makes it more important for the organizations in today’s competitive time to strategize newer and effective tactics against their competitions. Distance and online BBA in Business Analytics will encourage you to learn the skills you need to use the data in your company as a tactical asset to create business value through this program.

Distance and online BBA in Business Analytics is a three-year program that is among the most in-demand for business professionals. Many aspects of managing and analyzing data are emphasized in the program. By the combination of technical and management knowledge, the distance and online BBA in Business Analytics degree prepares students for a future in the related field. This program aids in acquiring the information needed to support important business choices and strategize the next step for a company to keep it ahead of their competitors. Also, Distance and online BBA in Business Analytics will aid in the development of the abilities required to do analytical procedures and support an organization by easily identifying methods to optimize and enhance current business processes.

Key highlights of Distance and Online BBA in Business Analytics

  • Students may fully utilize their skill set by earning a BBA in Business Analytics.
  • Distance and Online BBA in Business Analytics program supports the development of strong presentation and communication skills as well as data analytics understanding.
  • It is the combination or better say a blend of Data Science and Business Intelligence as the program focuses on intelligently using of data driven strategy to tackle organization’s problems/issues.
  • The program is UGC-DEB approved and is valid just as a regular BBA in Business Analytics program across the globe.
  • Distance and online BBA in Business Analytics is a 3- year program.
  • Businesses will express the necessity for routine data monetization for financial advantage.

Why choose Distance and Online BBA in Business Analytics

Those who like working with statistics, aren't frightened of data, appreciate having leadership duties, are excellent communicators, have the ability to think both big and little, etc., should pursue a distance and online BBA in Business Analytics. There are still plenty of prospects for those who appreciate working in a demanding and fast-paced setting because company is still booming today.

One of the advantages of earning a distance and online BBA in Business Analytics is that graduates will be knowledgeable about the most recent big data developments. Students will be able to apply their skills and knowledge to work out practical business issues. After graduation, candidates who have earned this program degree will be at an advantage, over those without a degree.

Why choose Vidya Planet for Distance and Online BBA in Business Analytics

Vidya Planet, an Ed-Tech platform, works with some of India's top online colleges to provide you with the widest selection of distance learning programs and online colleges. The Distance and Online BBA in Business Analytics is one of our programs. The forward-thinking business Vidya Planet is dedicated to a brighter future. Each goal of our purpose is made achievable by the dedication of our staff to provide uncompromising service to our students.

By choosing Vidya Planet to complete your distance learning and online BBA in Business Analytics degree, you'll have the flexibility to learn at your own speed and benefit from counseling from our qualified and experienced counselors. With the aid of our curriculum, Vidya Planet helps you advance professionally and flourish at every level of it. We help our Distance and Online BBA Business Analytics candidates land jobs at reputable companies thanks to their enhanced skills and heightened confidence.




Program Name

Distance and Online BBA in Business Analytics


Minimum 3 years (divided into six semesters) Maximum 6 years

Education Format


Average Fees

INR 30,000- 2, 00,000

Job Profiles

  • Data Scientist
  • Quantitative Analyst/Modeler
  • Data Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst


UGC-entitled degree from a NAAC A+ accredited university

Eligibility for Distance and Online BBA in Business Analytics

The requirements for entrance to a program must be met, and this is also true for the distance and online BBA in business analytics. You must have completed class 12 in any stream if you wish to apply for admission to the distance and online BBA in business analytics program.

  • Completion of a 10+2 program in the humanities, business, or science from an accredited educational board.
  • A minimum overall 10+2 score of 50% (45% for SC/ST/OBC applicants).

Career Scope of Distance and Online BBA in Business Analytics

Applications and uses for business analytics are numerous. It may be applied to descriptive analysis, which makes use of facts to comprehend the past and present. This form of descriptive analysis is employed to evaluate the company's present position in the market and the success of earlier business decisions. The goal of almost every student pursuing a distance and online BBA in business analytics degree program is to eventually land a respectable career.

When applying for any degree, a student must take into account a number of crucial criteria, one of which is their post-course job choices. As a result, after earning your distance and online BBA in Business Analytics, you'll have a wide range of professional alternatives, including the ability to pursue a master's degree or find employment in the corporate world. You may quickly obtain an excellent job at many MNCs if you have a BBA in business analytics. An annual salary of between 3 and 13 lacs is often granted to graduates with a distance and online BBA in business analytics.

Business Analyst

Data Mining

Retail Sales Analyst

Data Analyst

Business Intelligence Expert

Machine Learning Engineer


SAS Programmer

Top Hiring Companies

Business and data analytics, two of the most blooming areas today, are combined in the field of business analytics. The staggering quantity of data that is produced every day is utilized to assist commercial organizations in making strategic business choices, forecasting market risks, gauging customer demand for their goods and services, and calculating profitability. Because of this, pursuing distance and online BBA in Business Analytics has become of utmost importance in today's corporate environment and provides limitless opportunity for both employers and job seekers. Working as a business analyst entails assessing procedures and offering recommendations to increase a company's productivity and profitability.

Due to their expertise in detecting and resolving business issues in a range of industries, business analysts are employable in many different fields. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, HCL, Accenture, Tata Group, Deloitte, Infosys, Amazon, Reliance, LinkedIn, Adani Group, and American Express are just a few of the top employers of BBA Business Analytics experts.



Tech Mahindra






JP Morgan





Tata Group



Students may learn at their convenience of time and location thanks to the personalized online content. The learners may study on the road without interruption using any internet-connected device, even with limited bandwidth access, thanks to the delivery method of an innovative learning management system (LMS). For people who are interested in business and management and want to pursue a career in such fields, distance and online BBA in business analytics is the best option. This course offers understanding of analytical techniques and skill-based learning. Because it is now standard practice to utilize statistics and business information wisely to derive insights and employ them for company development, the subject of business analytics is growing in breadth every day