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Online B.Tech WILP Mechanical Engineering

The popular online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering program allows students the convenience of earning a degree from the convenience of their home or place of employment. The goal of this curriculum is to provide students a solid foundation in the ideas and principles of mechanical engineering as well as the knowledge and abilities they'll need to be successful in the profession. Students who wish to balance their study with job or other responsibilities can consider the online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Those who reside in rural or distant places frequently like this program. B.Tech for Working Professionals is a 3-year undergraduate engineering program. It is broken up into 6 semesters throughout the course of its 3 years. In India, where education is expanding, B.Tech WILP is one of the most difficult technical programs available.

The B.Tech for Working Professionals course's popularity is primarily attributed to its technical exposure, high compensation, work satisfaction, and growth potential. B.Tech for Working Professionals will thus be your best option if you have a desire for learning about the technological world. B.Tech for Working Professionals is really a collection of specialized programs rather than a single program.

Online education is now more accessible and well-liked than ever before thanks to technological improvements, making it a fantastic choice for anyone who wish to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. Technology professionals with a multi-domain viewpoint have an edge over specialists, and engineering companies are interested in hiring these graduates.

This benefit is intended to be offered to students by the seven-semester B.Tech. Engineering Technology program offered as part of the Work Integrated Learning Program for working professionals. The course develops the necessary engineering basics, teaches the key practices of technological practice, and offers a comprehensive intellectual basis in modern technologies.

Key features of B.Tech WILP Program

B.Tech WILP program is the most difficult yet most desired and searched online program by the students. The 3-year B.Tech WILP program gives students a thorough grasp of engineering subjects and the related specialties. It appeals to those with a love for engineering and a desire to polish their practical and analytical abilities since it gives them the potential to become specialists in the engineering sector and its allied fields. It is a fantastic choice for individuals who want to work and learn everything there is to know about technology.

  • With a learning management system, candidates may readily access numerous learning resources in many formats such as video lectures, text, and audio (LMS.)
  • Assignments, tests, midterm and final exams, and other procedures are used to periodically evaluate the applicants' performance.
  • The applicants are given the assessment result and the corresponding mark sheet so they can enhance their performance.
  • Candidates may simply study to develop technical abilities to increase their professional worth with a B.Tech degree (WILP).
  • The training program aids the students in creating and putting into practice technical solutions for a successful future.

This might assist you in gaining the expertise and information required to succeed in the technology industry. The fundamental advantage of the WILP program is that it allows participants to balance their education and professional development given that the program is solely employment-focused. Six semesters make up the B.Tech degree program, and several sessions are offered on weekends and during holidays.

Why choose B.Tech WILP Program from Vidya Planet

The online learning portal Vidya Planet provides a range of courses, including B.Tech WILP. The 3-year B.Tech WILP (Work Integrated Learning Program) undergraduate curriculum contributes to this degree. The traditional methods of obtaining a B.Tech or M.Tech are now old fashioned and cannot be pursued by the working class peoples without leaving their jobs.  People now have access to new and diverse fields of study and employment, and they wish to multitask to get the outcomes that the market requires. Working professionals who desire to acquire an engineering degree without leaving their existing position might choose the B.Tech WILP program. With this program and Vidya Planet's support, you may balance employment and studies while studying at your own speed and convenience.

Apart from offering Online Programs including B.Tech WILP, Vidya Planet Offers Following Convenience too:

Flexibility: Working professionals who desire to mix employment and study can consider the B.Tech WILP. You have the freedom to study at Vidya Planet at your own speed and convenience, which might aid with time management.

Career Support: Students are given academic help by Vidya Planet during the course of the program. You may engage with teachers, use the online learning platform, and receive help with your academic problems.

University Choice: Vidya Planet not only offers various online programs but also allows you to choose those programs from India’s Top University. So, choose your favorite online programs and your university at Vidya Planet.

Skill Development: The program is carefully designed in such a way that it covers all the aspects of the B.Tech WILP that is required to withstand the Technology Sector amongst others. One can hone it’s skill through Online B.Tech WILP classes from top industry oriented mentors.

Expert Counsellors: We’re always ready to help you with any issues regarding your programs and universities. Our expert counsellors will keep you up to date with every important information.





Distance and Online WILP mode

Program Duration

3 years divided into 6 semesters

Program Fee

INR 60, 000- 74, 000 / Year ( College/University Specific)


Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Electronic and Communication Engineering

Job Profiles

Mechanical engineer

Mining engineer

Jr. Production Engineer

Robotics Engineer 

Communication and Electronics engineer etc. 



The B.Tech WILP qualifying requirements may change based on the institution delivering the degree. Nonetheless, typical B.Tech WILP qualifying requirements are based on the following principles:

  • The candidate must have earned a diploma from an ITI or polytechnic, or have completed two years of college in one of the fields listed in the B.Tech WILP Program, such as civil, mechanical, computer science, electrical, or electronics and communication engineering, plus two years of relevant work experience.
  • To be admitted in the second year of the program, candidates must have a technical three-year diploma from an accredited school with a minimum of 60% overall, making their degree a three-year online program through WILP.

Note: Candidates having a B.Sc. degree in which Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics were required courses and an overall GPA of at least 60% are also eligible to apply for the B.Tech WILP.

Career Opportunities after B.Tech WILP in Mechanical Engineering 

After earning their B.Tech WILP degree, candidates have access to several employment prospects. They are eligible to apply for positions in the public and commercial sectors. You don't have to give up your professional work to pursue further education, such as the M.Tech WILP. The fundamental advantage of the WILP program is that because it is just a job-oriented program, one may manage their education while still obtaining work experience.

With the introduction of technology and industrialization, mechanical engineering has become an important area that provides a wide range of job options. Graduates with a B.Tech WILP in mechanical engineering can go on to work in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, design, quality, research and development, production management, automotive, energy, and construction.

Top Hiring Companies that you could work in after B.Tech WILP 

A mechanical engineering B.Tech WILP can lead to a variety of job prospects with some of the leading businesses in the sector. B.Tech WILP in Mechanical Engineering has always been the most preferred discipline of engineering. Since its start, mechanical engineering has also offered a wealth of career prospects.

Mechanical engineering jobs following a B.Tech WILP are widely available in both the public and commercial sectors. In actuality, mechanical engineers prefer to work in the public sector. To help them create and manage their goods and services, many businesses are always looking for bright and professional mechanical engineers. Some of the top employers for mechanical engineering B.Tech WILP graduates are listed below:


Ultimately, B.Tech WILP program is the most desired and soughed Online and distance program by the working professionals. It opens the door to several work opportunities in both the public and commercial sectors. It raises both your earnings and the level of your talents. For many working professionals who are presently considering a job transition, the B.Tech WILP offers a full-featured package and the best online program option. Overall, they think they may enhance their careers and become industry leaders with the help of B.Tech WILP and continual learning and development.