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Online Bachelor of Arts Journalism and Mass Communication

One of the newest trends is the pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in this discipline through online and distance learning, which will help you develop and prosper in the dynamic media sector of journalism and mass communication. As it provides in-depth study of theoretical concepts and functional domains in journalism and mass communication, this topic of study is growing in popularity among students. Candidates seeking a flexible and easy approach to complete their education while juggling other obligations This three-year program is structured to provide students with high-quality academic and technical knowledge in a variety of fields related to mass media and interaction, as well as theoretical perspectives on their existence and usage, as well as historical and social understanding of their dynamics.

The flexibility it offers and the skills it imparts via the combination of theory and practical knowledge that permits one to generate new and meaningful work in a multitude of media are two of the main benefits of pursuing a BA JMC through online and distant learning. Students may learn at their own speed using this mode, which is especially beneficial for individuals who have job or family responsibilities. Also, the program's goal is to develop students' fundamental understanding of a variety of topics, including current events, political, cultural, and economic institutions. Students have access to materials from all over the world thanks to the program's global reach. The curriculum includes courses that will improve your skills and provide you practical experience in areas including writing for new media, screenwriting, digital publishing, photography foundations, audio-visual production, etc.

Highlights of Online and Distance Bachelor of Arts Journalism and Mass Communication

  • The UGC-DEB has granted an online and distance learning B.A. program the same standing as a regular B.A. degree.
  • Throughout the course of three years, the complete course content is divided into 6 semesters.
  • BA programs with distance learning are less expensive than typical BA programs.
  • Both students and working professionals are welcome to attend this workshop. From this, students from disadvantaged backgrounds will benefit.
  • The same course materials and organizational structure are provided for distance learning, making it available to all students.
  • Applicants must have completed their 10+2 requirements, or the equivalent, from a recognized board in any stream to be eligible for this program.
  • Industry experts and academics have contributed to the course's development to ensure that it has a strong curriculum and a practical approach.

Why you should choose Online and Distance BAJMC

Building conceptualization, creativity, design, and strategy skills is given a lot of attention as it relates to producing high-quality media content for platforms like social media, television, radio, and movies, among others.

As regional media, new media formats, and businesses become more popular, careers in non-metropolitan cities and small towns are more significantly reshaped as a result of this degree program's development of skills in information gathering, interpretation, transmission, and delivery to a wide audience.

Improved Communication Skills

This ability offers one the self-assurance and stage to persuade audiences on a variety of subjects. The additional benefit of this ability is that it enhances public speaking, which is a crucial component of journalism and mass communication. A journalist's ability to communicate effectively enables them to connect with their audience and, as a result, advance their point of view.


As we are all aware, in addition to program costs, a college or university may also charge for services like on-campus teaching, the canteen, the mess, the library, etc. Yet, the only costs associated with online and distant learning are the program and test fees, making them incredibly inexpensive and accessible.

Problem Solving Skills

Online and Distance BAJMC Builds up your communication skills by engaging you more and more with the crowd at ground level. When you interact more and listen to their issues it ultimately boosts your problem solving skills which can help in solving their skills. Boosting your problem solving skills also benefits in the corporate sectors.

Develops Creativity

Your ability to communicate and be creative will grow if you pursue and work in the media industry since you will be able to see things from both the seller's and the customer's perspectives. Writing or creating visuals like graphics or movies count as being creative. This might assist you in luring customers to your merchandise.

Enhance Personality

Online and Distance BA JMC also buff and polish the learner's personality in addition to giving them the information and skills they need to succeed in life. It improved their ability to solve problems and taught them how to think critically and make defensible choices. Also, distance and online BA JMC aids in the development of favorable interactions with others and viewers while keeping their focus on their material.

Multiple Career Options

Online and Distance BA in Journalism and Mass Communication is not some specific field but rather it itself is the widest field one can ever imagine. It can start from being just a ground reporter and go to heights such as movie maker. So through this you can see that its range sounds like infinite. Some of these fields are mentioned below:

  • Press reporters,
  • Editors,
  • Scriptwriters,
  • Associate Producers,
  • Content Writers,
  • Screenplay Writers,
  • Photographers,
  • Designers,
  • Filmmakers,
  • Event Managers,
  • Newsreaders,
  • Anchors,
  • Video Editors and so on


Course Name

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication

BA JMC Course level



3 Years


Online and Distance

BA Distance Admission Process


BA JMC Eligibility

Candidate must have passed 10+2 from a recognized board

Average Salary Offered

INR 5- 7 LPA


INR 22,000- INR 50,000 per Annum

Career Options

Video Editor, Content Writer, Graphics Designer, Civil Services, Script Writer, Lawyer, Reporter, etc.


To get admitted to India's Best University through Vidya Planet, a candidate must meet the requirements for eligibility listed below in order to pursue an online and distance BA in general.

  • Students must have received a grade of 10+2 from an acknowledged Indian education board. Science, Business, or the Arts are the possible streams for a distant learning BA.
  • For admission to some universities' remote BA programs, students must score at least 50% on the 10+2 exam.

Career Scopes after Pursuing Online and Distance BA Journalism and Mass Communication

Several industries are hiring graduates, therefore there are plenty of job prospects accessible. Students receive training in journalistic principles, tactics, and methodologies as they progress through the course. After completing the BA Journalism and Mass Communication program, jobs are assigned based on the graduates' specialization and talents. Bachelor of Arts Journalism and Mass Communication scope and pay in India is beneficial for students dependent on their specialties. Numerous businesses operated by the Indian government recruit BAs in journalism and mass communication graduates for a range of positions including feature writers and radio jockeys.

Top Hiring Companies

Both foreign and domestic work opportunities for Online and Distance BA in journalism and mass communication graduates exist. Transfers overseas are frequently provided to graduates working for the associate top firms in India. Students have always aimed to continue their education or work part-time employment to refine their abilities even more in order to boost their chances of landing a job overseas. Jobs overseas are becoming more and more available as skill and experience levels rise inexorably. Graduates with a BA JMC can choose from a variety of jobs straight away. The BA JMC is one of the most popular degrees when it comes to the diversity of employment accessible to graduates. 

Average Package after completing Online and Distance BA JMC

After earning a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, there are a variety of lucrative professional options available. The average compensation after earning a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) online or through distance learning can change depending on a number of variables, including the nation where the degree was earned, the institution, the graduate's level of experience, and the industry they choose to work in. According to the internet, a BA graduate may expect to earn an average salary of between INR 3.50 LPA and 5 LPA. The income is influenced by a variety of different factors, including experience, ability, training, expertise, etc.


The skills and information required to pursue a career in a range of areas, such as media, advertising, public relations, or digital marketing, can be acquired by completing a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (BAJMC) through an online and distance learning program