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Online B.Com in Accounting and Finance

A 3-year bachelor's degree in business administration is offered via online and distance learning. The numbers are what matter in the end, and we need recent business grads to keep track of the figures. In those three years of the degree, there are six semesters when we focus on various course-related topics. Several businesses are looking for eager recent grads. Online and distance B.Com's common subject for undergraduates interested in business is the Accounting and Finance. It covers a variety of topics, including corporate accounting, cost accounting, business organization, and business finance. The B.Com. Finance and Accounting curriculum consists of 6 semesters, which students can finish in 3 years.

Every organization needs an accountant or accounts to monitor their business's earnings and loss. No firm can last in the long run without accurate accounting. So, starting a profession is not difficult for students with a B.Com degree. We can be of great assistance if one is considering pursuing a B.Com through distance learning in Delhi because our professionals provide free counseling based on their extensive expertise.

The B.Com degree program is the most sought-after one since it guarantees a stable employment outlook. Without a good accounting team, no corporate organization can run efficiently. Also, if you enroll in a remote learning B.Com program, the degree may be earned quickly and easily.

You can opt to enter the business sector with the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) program depending on your long-term objectives. You may now access a variety of educational resources, the expertise of some of the greatest teaching staff, and a sizable contemporary library at one spot through a mobile app and a PC, and that too at your own pace, thanks to cutting-edge technology infrastructure. You may learn about topics like corporate accounting, company statistics, business law, labor law, the business environment, and much more in this course.

The most popular subject for millions of students—especially those who need to pursue careers in this particular field—is accounting and finance. This course focuses on a variety of topics, including accounting and business management.

Key Highlights of Online and Distance B.Com in Accounting and Finance

  • A bachelor's degree in business and related financial studies is known as the bachelor of commerce.
  • The curriculum places a strong emphasis on a learner's holistic growth as they work towards graduation and expand their knowledge and abilities to become tomorrow's successful managers.
  • There are six semesters in the three-year degree program.
  • A thorough grasp and insights into the fields of finance, accounting, law, taxation, and management are provided.
  • Students enrolled in the online and distance-learning B.Com in Accounting and Finance program gain the professional readiness skills they need through lectures, hands-on learning activities, and case studies.
  • The UGC-DEB has given its approval for the complete online and open distance learning delivery of this bachelor's degree program.
  • Those who have finished their 10+2 or equivalent education from a recognized institution in any subject are eligible to apply, and there is no entrance test required for admission to this program.
  • Strong foundation in accounting and finance principles and procedures
  • Comprehensive knowledge in advanced subjects like forensic accounting, fintech, IFRS, etc.
  • Courses in accounting and finance reflect regional, national, and international professional certifications and qualifications.
  • A combination of financial, accounting, and management courses
  • Industry-designed coursework that enhances professional skills and provides technical excellence

Why Choose Online and Distance B.Com in Accounting and Finance

The goals of financial planning, economic knowledge and theory, the banking system, and much more are thoroughly emphasized in the B. Com in accounting and finance program. Aspirants might anticipate a promising professional path after successfully completing the course. Professional accounting may be a very exciting and rewarding career choice. If you appreciate math and want to use it in business—whether that's management, company law, or economics—studying accounting and finance may be the best choice.

  • You can decide whether to work on a project or keep taking tests.
  • Online and remote B.Com degree is significantly less expensive than a standard B.Com. It is affordable.
  • Gaining career chances in the many industries' sectors is possible thanks to the course. The industry associated to investment management and the Banking and Financial Service Sector employs the most B.Com accounting and finance graduates (BFSI).
  • According to the data presented on the Internet estimates that graduates with a B.Com in accounting and finance will make around INR 5, 00,000 year.
  • You can get a greater grasp of the world economy through chances abroad and cultural interactions, as well as through learning about a new area and improving your language abilities.
  • Without operational finances, public and commercial sectors as well as nonprofit organizations cannot function, making accounting and finance the basis of any business.

Why choose Vidya Planet for Online and Distance B.Com in Accounting and Finance

  • Students may learn at their own pace and convenience with Vidya Planet's online B.Com in Accounting and Finance program, which is flexible.
  • The affordable tuition fees for Vidya Planet's online B.Com in Accounting and Finance program enable a wider range of students to apply.
  • The curriculum is designed to meet industry standards and equip students for a range of employment in the technology sector.
  • With academic advisors, tutoring programs, and discussion boards, Vidya Planet offers students specialized support.
  • The online B.Com in Accounting and Finance program at Vidya Planet has been accredited, guaranteeing that the degree will be recognized by employers and other academic institutions.
  • Vidya Planet offers career services to assist students in locating internships and employment after graduation.



B.Com in Accounting and Finance

Level of Course


Admission Process

12th pass from recognized board


3 Years



Course Fees

INR 13,000- 35,000 / semester; Examination Fees Excluded


12th pass with minimum 50% from a recognized board with Mathematics as a compulsory subject.

Job Positions

Financial Analyst, Senior Accountant, Investment Banker, Financial Risk Analyst, Customer Support Executive

Average Salary

INR 5- 11 LPA

Top Hiring Companies

• Accenture

• Goldman Sachs

• Deloitte

• EY

• Tata Consultancy Services

• Amazon

• ICICI Bank

Eligibility for B.Com in Accounting and Finance

The aspirant should pay close attention to the requirements set out by the college they wish to attend. The essential requirements for admission to the B.Com Accounting and Finance program are shown below and may change in various institutions and universities.

  • HSC (10+2) from a recognized board in any field with a minimum of 50% /or HSC (10+2) from a reputable board in any field with 45% and at least two years of work experience /or SSC (10) + 3 years of AICTE-recognized college education with 55%.
  • The applicant must satisfy the minimal entrance requirements of the specific college to which you applied.
  • Each university may have a varied minimum cut-off grade requirement since it is governed by the institution's own policies.

Career Scope for B.Com in Accounting and Finance

A B.Com in accounting and finance is an undergraduate program that supports students in securing successful careers. Candidates will have several career options in the sectors after completing this course. These are some of the key roles that graduates with a distance B.Com in accounting and finance can apply for. They could select programs like M.Com, MBA, CA, CS, etc. Others focus on careers or enterprises while others study for difficult government tests.

There are several chances for students who want to work in the workforce to examine. Applicants may choose to investigate available employment in a variety of industries, including business, accounting, banking, finance, and other related disciplines.

Top Hiring Companies of B.Com in Accounting and Finance

On the global labor market, students will have several options to find employment overseas. For students that specialize, there are several work options overseas. The curriculum is designed so that students will receive employment opportunities soon away after graduating. Any firm needs accounting and finance, hence graduates with a B.Com degree in accounting and finance are in great demand.

In order to properly handle their financial affairs, many top-tier firms are always searching to employ experienced and educated B.Com graduates in accounting and finance. The top recruiter for Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance:


Aspirants will learn in-depth information on accounting, finance, and related topics in this course. Although many colleges offer this digital course, not all of them are available online. So, it is crucial to select the best institutions depending on your needs before choosing any degree. A person can only have a good career by selecting the correct university.

Companies are constantly looking for qualified individuals who can successfully handle financial issues and make financially responsible decisions that support the expansion of the firm. As a result, B.Com graduates in accounting and finance have several employment options in prestigious organizations across numerous industries.