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Those peer pressure and Career Tensions… We understand!

We'd be lying if we said this didn't happen to everyone. Every individual on the planet has succumbed to peer pressure at some point in their life. The cause for this is a lack of information and a fear of seeking guidance.

Don't be concerned! Our staff is committed to saving you from this ordeal by guiding you to the best option through Online Video Counseling Sessions.

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Yes, Vidya Planet is a good choice for students who want education counselling It connects students with a variety of features like advice, career guides, online college matching services etc.

Yes, Vidya Planet can guide you in choosing the most suitable university for online distance MBA as per your convenience as Vidya Planet consists of different types of online universities from which you can choose the one which suits the best.

Vidya Planet is here to help you out if you want to pursue an online degree in MCA. You can do an online distance MCA course from universities like LPU, MUJ, and Mangalayatan University etc.

The education counsellors of Vidya Planet are always available for their students whenever they need them. You can get in touch with the counsellors on call, chat or you can meet them too in person.

Education counselling from Vidya Planet is economical because they provide a budget service where you don't need to pay anything upfront before you can schedule an appointment with them.