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Online BCA in Cloud and Security

Cloud security is a set of practices and tools created to handle both internal and external security risks to businesses. An Online and Distance BCA in cloud computing and security degree program is offered by many institutes at an amazingly affordable fees. This program is industry-focused and assists students in concentrating on a thorough study of cloud computing to thrive in the software business. This is a three-year undergraduate degree program. As they implement their digital transformation plan and integrate cloud-based tools and services into their infrastructure, organizations need cloud security.

One of BCA's well-known specializations in the software sector is cloud & security. The three-year online and distance BCA in cloud and security degree program covers in-depth knowledge of cloud computing and security. Students in this program will study topics including software engineering and modeling, data structures in C, and C programming.

A bachelor's degree program in undergraduate studies with an emphasis on cloud computing and security is the online and distance BCA in cloud and security. This business-focused course will prepare your mind to focus on learning everything there is to know about cloud computing, which will help you flourish in the software industry. With an online and distance BCA Cloud & Security program, learning about development, networking, and hardware is just the beginning of what you'll study.

Key Highlights of Online and Distance BCA in Cloud and Security

  • When earned at a reputable university and finished through an approved UGC-DEB online program, an online BCA in Cloud and Security has been declared to be a genuine degree with the same worth and recognition as a traditional BCA.
  • This program lasts for 3 years. 6 years is the maximum course length.
  • Applicants to this program must have completed their grade 12 coursework (HSC or Equivalent) from a recognized board.
  • Program created in accordance with the demands of the market.
  • Program designed to generate talented people who are skilled and eager to work.
  • Through online and distance BCA in Cloud and Security you will get a thorough grasp of the security elements that are necessary for the cloud services provided by different providers.
  • Improve your understanding of fundamental principles, design and control principles, application security in web technologies, as well as related tools and approaches.

Why choose Online and Distance BCA in Cloud and Security

The need for cloud computing specialists is increasing, thus BCA institutions are putting more of an emphasis on giving students a top-notch education. Here are some benefits to take into account while selecting a college for candidates who want to pursue a career in online and distance BCA in Cloud and Security. The Design, Development, and Security of Cloud Computing as well as Data Analytics are topics covered by students pursuing an online and distance BCA in Cloud and Security. Many job pathways are available in the cloud computing sector, including those for cloud analysts, cloud architects, mobile app developers, cyber forensic analysts, etc.

There are several advantages to getting a BCA in cloud computing courses.

  • Online and distance BCA in Cloud and Security offers a strong foundation in operating systems, data structures, and programming. Also, they learn about RDBMS and computer networks.
  • The future use of cloud computing is broad, and many graduates are qualified for managerial roles.
  • An online and distance BCA in Cloud and Security can assist you in building a multifaceted career in the business since there is an increasing need for qualified computer engineers.
  • A Cloud and Security engineer typically earns around INR 5 lakhs per year in pay.
  • As compared to other degrees in computer science and engineering, a BCA's average yearly fees of INR 45,000- 60,000/annum is fairly reasonable.

Why Choose Vidya Planet for online and distance BCA in Cloud and Security

Multiple Specialization

Available in many specialties Students seeking degrees in computer application or computer engineering have several specialization options available to them at universities all throughout India. When you specialize, you may offer a better value proposition to your target market than businesses that generalize in a comparable industry.

Vidya Planet provides you an online and distance-learning BCA in Cloud and Security from renowned Indian institutions since it recognizes the needs of the modern job market and its preference for individuals with specialty.

A Pocket-Friendly Program

An online and distance BCA in Cloud and security is one of the most cost-effective alternatives you may take, despite the fact that many undergraduate degrees are fairly expensive to acquire. In addition to providing this curriculum at a reasonable cost, Vidya Planet also gives you the choice of enrolling in the online and distance-learning BCA in Cloud and Security program from one of India's top universities. An Online and Distance BCA is your best option if you want to pursue a profession in computer engineering without having to shell out a lot of money.

Excellent Networking Possibilities

No of your degree of expertise or the sector you work in, networking is a skill you must learn. Professional networking would be advantageous given Vidya Planet's large candidate pool since strong industry networking may bring the difference between a mediocre job and a great one.

Alternatives for Global Careers

As was previously noted, computer engineers may find employment in a wide range of sectors, thus it goes without saying that having a BCA from a distance education will offer up numerous chances for employment throughout the world. Also, Vidya Planet would make it simple and adaptable for you to look for your dream employment.


Program Level


Program Name

Online and Distance BCA in Cloud and Security


3 years

Examination Type

Semester System


Class 12 pass with Mathematics as a compulsory subject from a recognized board

Admission Process

Merit-based/ Exam based

Career Options

Full-Stack Developer

UI/UX Developer

Database Administrator

Server Security Engineer

Cyber Security

Average Starting Salary

INR 4.7- 6 LPA

Average Course Fee

INR  45,000 – 60, 000/ Annum

Eligibility for Online and Distance BCA in Cloud and Security

  • The PUC or 10+2 degree requirement with math as one of the core topics from an accredited board is required for applicants to the BCA Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity program. These pupils may submit an application for this program at Good Shepherd Institutions.
  • The candidate must have a good command of the English language and its use. Applicants with English as a second language must have completed at least the last three years of their academic training in English.

Career Scope of Online and Distance BCA in Cloud and Security

The demand for Online and Distance BCA in Cloud and Security in individuals who can design, manage, and maintain safe cloud infrastructures is expanding as a result of the increased reliance on cloud-based services, which highlights the significance of professions in cloud and security. 

These professions are also essential for maintaining the security and privacy of sensitive data in the digital era. The future employment prospects for Online and Distance BCA in Cloud and Security graduates are promising as the need for cloud-based solutions grows. Online and Distance BCA institutions are putting more of an emphasis on delivering high-quality education because the number of employment in this industry is growing dramatically. Online and Distance BCA in Cloud and Security graduates of this program have a lot of lucrative employment options, including a successful career in cloud-based software.

Web Analyst

Web Developer

Digital Analyst

Security Engineer

Cloud Developer


Security Auditor

Security Auditor

Computer System Analyst

Security Engineer

Average Salary of Online and Distance BCA in Cloud and Security

You may be ready for a lucrative job in the expanding cloud computing sector with the aid of the Online and Distance BCA Cloud Computing and Cyber Security program. The need for Cloud Computing specialists is anticipated to increase by 14 million during the following three years. This implies that the need for these specialists will only rise sharply.

A graduate who has successfully finished an online and distance BCA in Cloud and Security program would typically earn between three and six lakh rupees per month. Graduates can get employment with various government agencies in the nation for a BCA salary in India of between Rs. 15,000 to 30,000 per month. Many graduates and professionals can start working in a variety of sectors after finishing a degree program, including banking, web design, and computer programming. After completing a course, these professionals may expect to earn an average monthly BCA salary in India of between three and five lakh rupees.


There are several considerations while applying for a BCA degree. You must perform research on the finest online and distance BCA in Cloud and Security universities/colleges in India before making a selection of the institutions that offer the greatest facilities, labs, an industry-relevant curriculum, knowledgeable professors, and chances for student growth.

Finding the best education in this area is essential since there is a huge need for specialists in cloud computing. The online and distance BCA in Cloud and Security program provides a thorough study of computer science in all of its facets, with an emphasis on cloud computing and cyber security in particular. Students will study both the BCA core courses and topics unique to each domain over this three-year curriculum, and they will then use what they have learned to tackle challenging issues