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M.Tech in Chemical Engineering

Distance and Online M.Tech Program In Chemical Engineering

Nov 03,2023

Chemical engineering principles, procedures, and tools used in chemical reactions, product design, and development are all covered in-depth in the online M.Tech course in chemical engineering.

About M.Tech Course in Chemical Engineering

M.Tech in Chemical Engineering is a two-year postgraduate program that offers students an opportunity to explore the fundamentals of chemical engineering. The course educates learners on the application of the principles of mathematics, physics, and chemistry in designing and operating safe, cost-effective processes for producing chemicals, fuels, and other products. The course also includes topics related to process engineering, energy conservation, fuel conversion technologies, and nanotechnology. In addition to this, students are required to undergo hands-on training in order to develop their practical skills. This M.Tech. program provides graduates with an excellent foundation for a rewarding career in research or industry, as well as preparing them for higher studies such as PhDs in chemical engineering or related fields.

Key highlights about M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering

  • M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering provides the students with a comprehensive understanding of the chemical engineering principles, processes and equipment involved in chemical reactions, product design and development.
  •  It is an interdisciplinary course that combines mathematics, chemistry, physics and other sciences with engineering concepts to help students develop a better understanding of the industrial processes associated with producing chemicals and managing wastewater treatment systems.
  • The M.Tech program focuses on providing an advanced study of various topics related to Chemical Engineering such as transport phenomena, unit operations, process dynamics and control, reaction engineering fundamentals, process optimization methods etc.
  •  This program also includes practical training that prepares students for a career in research & development or production & operations management within the chemical industry.
  • Furthermore, this course equips graduates with transferable skills such as problem solving abilities which are essential for any profession or field they may pursue after graduation.

Objectives of M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering

M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering is a postgraduate degree program that offers advanced knowledge and skills for the professionals working in the field of chemical engineering and related areas. The program has been designed to equip students with an advanced understanding of key topics related to chemical engineering and its industrial applications. The objectives of the course are:

  • To provide students with an in-depth understanding of principles, theories, and concepts related to process control systems, material processing, thermal sciences, design and development of chemical processes and plants.
  • To develop an understanding of applied research techniques used in solving complex scientific problems related to chemical engineering projects.
  • To promote hands-on practice through laboratory experiments that help students learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge practically.
  • To equip students with the skills necessary for successful management and operation of a chemical plant or process unit; as well as for effective communication between different stakeholders involved in a project.

Is pursuing an online M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering  worth it?

Pursuing an online M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering is a great way to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful chemical engineer. Online courses provide the flexibility of studying from anywhere at any time without having to worry about attending physical classes. An M.Tech course can give you the opportunity to specialise in specific areas such as environmental engineering, nanotechnology, or process engineering and learn from experts in the field. It also provides you with access to state-of-the-art tools and technologies that will help you stay ahead of your competition. Therefore, pursuing an online M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering is definitely worth considering for those who want to pursue a career in this field.

Things to keep in mind while choosing an online M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering

Choosing an online M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering can be a daunting task, but with the right information and guidance, you can find the right course to suit your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind while selecting an online M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering:

  • Research the faculty: It is important to research the faculty at the chosen institute as they will be teaching you and providing guidance throughout your course.
  • Accreditation: Make sure that the institution you choose has valid accreditation from a recognized body.
  • Course duration and fees structure: Consider both the duration of the course and its fees structure when making your decision.
  •  Curriculum: Ensure that you understand all aspects of the curriculum before enrolling, as it should cover all topics related to chemical engineering.
  • Technical support: Check whether or not technical support is available for any issues that may arise during your studies.

Benefits of Pursuing an online M.Tech course in chemical engineering 

Pursuing an online M.Tech course in chemical engineering offers numerous advantages to individuals looking to enhance their technical proficiency in the field. Here are some of the benefits of pursuing an online M.Tech course in chemical engineering:

  • Cost-effective and flexible way to advance your skills and knowledge in the field;
  • Ability to access the latest information related to the field and stay updated with technological advancements;
  • Opportunity to gain experience in industry standard software packages;
  • Increased employability prospects post successful completion of the program;
  • Gain exposure through virtual laboratories, guest lectures, internships, etc.;
  • Enables you to specialise in specific areas such as process design, process control, quality assurance and safety management.

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M.Tech in Chemical Engineering

Level of Course

Post Graduate

Admission Process

Entrance Exam, Merit Based                                                                           


2 Years



Course Fees

INR 50K-2 Lakh per year


The candidate must have acquired a minimum aggregate of 55% (50% for the reserved candidates) in the qualifying examination.


  • Chemical process engineer
  • Production engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Plant designer and manager
  • System Operator,etc.

Average Salary

INR 5 to 7 LPA

Top Hiring Companies

  • ONGC
  • Coal India
  • Geological Survey of India
  • HCL
  • IPCL
  • Neyveli Lignite Corp.,etc.


Eligibility for online M.Tech course in chemical engineering

An online M.Tech course in chemical engineering is designed to provide advanced training in the principles and practice of chemical engineering. It offers a comprehensive learning experience by teaching students the fundamentals of the field while also covering cutting-edge topics such as nanotechnology, bioprocessing, process control and plant design. 

To be eligible for an online M.Tech course in chemical engineering, students must have earned a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering or a related field from an accredited university with a minimum 50%. Additionally, some schools may require applicants to possess certain technical skills such as knowledge of computer programming languages and software applications used for designing plants and processes.

Scope after online course in chemical engineering

An online M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering is a great way to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field. With an online degree, you can gain the theoretical knowledge and skills needed to work as a professional engineer. You will also be able to explore a variety of cutting-edge topics such as advanced materials, process engineering, nanotechnology, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

An online M.Tech in Chemical Engineering offers many opportunities for professionals who want to broaden their career prospects or specialise further in this field. With the right qualifications and experience, you can find jobs in research laboratories, universities and industrial plants that require deep knowledge of chemical engineering theory and practice. You may even find job opportunities that involve developing new technologies or improving processes related to health care, food production or other scientific areas.

Some of the career scopes after an online M.Tech course includes:

  • Chemical process engineer
  • Production engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Plant designer and manager
  • System Operator,etc.

Placement & Top Hiring Companies

Online M.Tech courses in Chemical Engineering provide students with the necessary knowledge and technical skills to become successful professionals in the field of chemical engineering. The course enables them to gain knowledge on a wide range of topics including thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, transport phenomena, and other related topics.


After completing the course, students can find job opportunities in research institutes, academic institutions and industries dealing with chemical processes or products. The placement prospects after this online M.Tech course will depend upon the student's expertise as well as their academic performance during the course. In addition to this, companies hiring for online M.Tech courses usually look at a student's background and experience along with their technical skills when considering placement offers.


Some of the top hiring companies that can hire you after completion of online M.Tech course in Chemical engineering are:


  • ONGC
  • Coal India
  • Geological Survey of India
  • HCL
  • IPCL
  • Neyveli Lignite Corp.,etc.



According to research conducted by a leading online job portal, the average salary after an online M.Tech course in chemical engineering is INR 5 to 7 LPA. This is a great opportunity for fresh graduates and those seeking to enhance their career prospects. The course can help them gain the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the field of chemical engineering. It also provides an excellent platform for further specialisation and can open up opportunities within the industry. Online M.Tech courses provide students with an affordable way of gaining knowledge without sacrificing quality education while working part-time jobs or internships that could help them gain experience.


With the growing demand for chemical engineers, many universities and colleges have started to offer online M.Tech courses in Chemical Engineering. This has opened up a new avenue for students who are unable to attend regular classes due to various reasons. These online courses provide an opportunity to get quality education, without having to compromise on any factor such as accessibility, affordability or flexibility. The conclusion of an online M.Tech course in Chemical Engineering will depend on how well one is able to utilise the resources available and complete the syllabus in time. With proper guidance and dedication, one can gain a meaningful education and make a successful career out of it

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